Look at these people to lose weight after eating habits will let you slowly get fat

2018 12 06 April 08:28 source: Economic Daily - Chinese Economic Net
Original title: fat people see after these habits will let you slowly get fat

Daily obesity caused by many reasons, but usually cannot do without "eat". For example, no time to eat, overeating, eat high calorie foods, eat too much, are the reason. However, even if you every meal time and quantity, is not necessarily to be obese, because, after some bad habits will also cause obesity.

After know what habits will let oneself slowly fat? Then, along with the economic daily - China Economic Net fashion channel a look at it.

Immediately after a meal to lie down and rest

In the meal, the brain blood down to the stomach to help digestion, will feel very tired, want to sleep. Many people will choose to lie down to rest, but this is not conducive to health, also easy to grow fat. Because people in sleep, digestive activity will lead to weakening, eat the food can not be timely digestion, accumulate in the intestinal tract, not only will cause pressure on the stomach, but also make food calories into fat, fat caused by the phenomenon.

Data figure: watermelon Economic Daily - Chinese economic net reporter Fu Yunpeng / photo

Immediately after a meal to eat fruit

Eat the food enters the stomach, after a period of time to digest, immediately after a meal to eat fruit, will block the food in the stomach, and vegetables and staple food mixed together is difficult to digest. Moreover, some fruits contain a lot of sugar, if long-term accumulation in the body, it is prone to fat, obesity. Especially after dinner, eat this will cause the accumulation of abdominal fat, grow a small pot.

Immediately after a meal to eat snacks

Immediately after a meal to eat snacks and eat the fruit of the truth is the same, is not conducive to digestion and absorption of food after a meal, will increase the burden on the stomach. Moreover, calorie snacks is much higher than that of fruit, especially some high fat, less nutritious snacks, not only easy to cause excess energy, resulting in the accumulation of fat, but also affect the body health, to bring a heavy burden on the cardiovascular.

Meal soup

In daily life, many people have the habit of meal soup, in fact, this is a stomach injury behavior, without any help to digest food. Because, after the meal is full, the stomach has been filled, and then soup can easily lead to excess nutrients, lead to obesity, and drink after the meal and soup food mixed together, will affect the digestion and absorption, causing the burden on the stomach.

(commissioning editor Li Fang and Che Kemeng)

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