"Wish vending machine" became popular in the 30 yuan to play a prize value?

In December 2018 06, 08:26 source: Nan Fang Daily
Original title: "wish vending machine" became popular in the 30 yuan to play a prize value?

Following the doll machine after a stunt super vending machine became popular in Guangzhou in the mall for selling luck. Consumers to buy a box as it is not in the price 30 yuan each, through the "luck" to obtain or expensive or cheap goods, this kind of machine to "SLR camera" brand mobile phone, tablet computer and other goods to attract a large number of passengers.

But the box inside the product really worth 30 yuan? Recently, the Nanfang Daily reporter survey found that some brands of "wish vending machine" to draw the product retail price higher than 30 yuan, but there are also some brand "wish vending machine" there are tricky, in addition to the prize value is too low, even some products are "three products".

To get the value of gifts, may also be used to "three products"

A shopping mall in Guangzhou city in Tianhe District, a 20 square meters of the facade is specially used for vending machines placed doll machine, lipstick machine etc.. Among them, a brand name for "8 box" "wish vending machine" is placed in a prominent position at the entry.

According to the reporter observed, there are 20 boxes of the vending machine on the shelves, shelves at the bottom of each grid number, corresponding to the right side of the display screen, click on the corresponding digital screen, by scanning the two-dimensional code payment to obtain the corresponding gift box, each box for the price of 30 yuan. The vending machine in the side of the fuselage, also highlights the possible products, including mobile phone, SLR, God of water, lipstick, WeChat, red Polaroid, tablet computer and other gifts, the machine also posted winning customers took prizes photos, including the United States rice cookers.

Because of working hours, the reporter interviewed did not meet to the consumer experience, according to Mr. Zhang often pass by here the rest day, the "wish vending machines often have to queue. Reporters try to buy a two gift box, open the box respectively get a pen and a self timer lever, tearing type sticky hair brush. Bag packaging simple, packed in a sealed transparent bag, open found no logo, and the nose is a plastic taste, the actual price of 30 yuan. Another box of a self timer lever and tear type sticky hair brush, two commodity specifications and manufacturer information not the same, the reporter saw in the electronic business platform with a self bar price is 19 yuan, while the tearable sticky hair brush is disposable, the price of 5 yuan -7 yuan. The price is less than 30 yuan.

Product information "three", the reporter asked the vending machine customer service, customer feedback information is: "because manufacturers with shipping forget to affix a trademark, a box can promise." According to the customer service staff said, "one day there are thousands of single box manufacturers are distribution over, sometimes neglect, commodity is normal production."

Not all the "wish vending machine" products are less than 30 yuan. According to earlier media reports, consumers had to experience the brand name "wish Mr." and "wish vending machine", is out of the scarf, the consumer said: "feel good, scarf quality, 30 pieces should still worth? But businesses should be the wholesale goods, will be cheaper."

Brand rush or cause confusion in the industry

It is understood that the selling luck lucky tester gimmick in foreign countries is also called the "lucky bag machine", is from Japan began to pop up, then popular in Malaysia and singapore. Public data shows, China appears on the market earlier "wish vending machine" brand by a wish, specifically to help people achieve micro-blog V "desire Yang day incubator, nouveau riche" the first product "lucky test machine" in less than two months will be Pre million yuan A round of financing.

In addition to wish Mr., on the market there are many brands of "wish vending machine", such as "wish box" "good luck" lucky bag "Mr.". According to the reporter observed, "wish vending machines play similar, are selected serial numbers, scan code to pay 30 yuan to get gifts, but between different brands of product quality difference.

"Wish vending machine" why popular? The reason why consumers believe the machine, and are willing to pay to play? In this regard, some consumers answer is that the trill is seen in the circle of friends or other people play, get gifts are very attractive, but 30 yuan is not too expensive. Such as eating or shopping boring, you can play, very good.

The industry believes that this kind of business model had to make up for deficiencies in the doll machine and lipstick machine playing a single, winning rate is very low. With interest and entertainment to attract consumers, increase the market flow, but when the similar draw equipment to "lucky" and "wish" gimmick is replicated, also because of the unequal value and criticized by consumers, and the low barriers to entry, equipment, rent and the cost of the box price of around 30 thousand brand, rush will cause chaos in the industry.

30 yuan to play again, if the box product retail price is more than 30 yuan, the business will do business at a loss? In this regard, "wish Mr." brand responsible person said, "wish Mr. OEM" has its own production channels, is beginning to think in this way to promote their own brand products, the wish of Mr. has a certain scale, the ability to integrate the supply chain is relatively strong, so it can be offered to consumers.

"We do a line of vending machines, and not to make money in this link, but in order to increase brand exposure, with high quality to impress consumers, and then to the drainage line. In this model, because between consumers and goods, increase the interactive link more. Plus a gift box with value prize lottery card, full of randomness and fun, rich consumer buying experience." "Wish Mr." brand responsible person said.

Insiders said that the majority of "wish vending machine" brand is derived from traditional doll machine to businesses, rather than the product manufacturers, these small businesses are just some of the vending machine manufacturers, in addition to its sales outside the machine, not a mature management team, which is unable to control products. Why most wish vending machines which appear cheap goods, and even why "three products".

To remind the industry, consumers in the consumption of these "wish vending machines", choose the best gift out of the products printed on the brand logo machine, so if the product quality problems, but also conducive to safeguarding their rights and interests. (Nanfang Daily reporter Peng Ying)

(Li Fang cormon, commissioning editor: car)

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