Zara "work" to enter the cosmetics industry launched multi-color lipstick

In December 2018 06, 08:06 source: Chinese clothing net
Original title: Zara "work" to enter the cosmetics industry launched multi-color lipstick

The Spanish fast fashion brand Zara is a bit busy recently.

In November 15th, Zara released the first covers the jackets, coats, sweaters, shoes and other single product line defines a series of Zara Srpls, only half a month later, the brand again announced, will officially enter the cosmetics market.

According to Fashionnetwork news, Zara will launch the brand's first lipstick series Zara Ultimate in December 5th. The series consists of 12 teams, 8 teams of high color lipstick and a matte lipstick liquid contains a lipstick, lip liner and Lip Glaze set "TRIO SET", the main color to red, pink, classic wine red and brown, with prices ranging from 7.95 to 19.95 euros, and only in the social media platform and the global scope of the official website of online sales.

"The series was inspired by the required Zara in cosmetics advertising campaign." According to Zara, Zara, Ultimate mainly in the 2018-2019 winter series of makeup colors, which has been cooperating with the Christian Dior and Armani Beauty and other brands of British artist Pat McGrath guide, designed in Losangeles and complete the production in france.

The majority of consumers in mind, Zara as a leader in the fast fashion brand, has been to cheap clothes and accessories, but in fact, in a few years ago, Zara began to try in other areas, the more successful is Zara perfume series.

In early 2016, Zara's Home Furnishing sub brand Zara Home has launched the first perfume series. In the past two years, the development of Zara perfume line matures, prices basically stable at about 20 euros (about 160 yuan), also launched a specially designed for children, Disney Hello Kitty theme perfume.

However, Zara is not alone.

Other brands of Zara parent company of Spanish fashion group Inditex's each of the early start of the perfume and cosmetics business.

For example, the same as the fast fashion brand Stradivarius, special makeup line is equipped with its products, similar to the European niche brand packaging, all in white with black logo; Bershka in the first half of last year launched the first beauty series Beauty by Bershka, covering more than 100 kinds of products, skin care, body care, cosmetics; another brand Massimo Dutti directly in Portugal Lisbon opened a sales "secret (The Secret of smell Scents)" perfume based concept store.

This time, through the Zara Ultimate lipstick release, Zara has once again confirmed the Inditex group hope beyond the field of clothing Limited, a firm foothold in the strategic decision in the field of cosmetics and perfumes. While the series of exclusive online sales strategy has become a further move the Inditex group to attract young consumers.

All along, the main brand of the Inditex group almost never use the traditional communication tools, such as advertising or social media KOL brand publicity. But earlier this year, Zara announced a rare two China brand ambassador, and in Shanghai for the first China concept store opening held promotional activities.

In addition, Zara not only at the beginning of this year in London Westfield Strafford opened its first store can only buy online stores, through the introduction of the shop direct mail system, the distance from the nearest consumer stores faster delivery, to allow consumers to get the products, enhance the shopping experience.

All these indicate that the Inditex group is trying to through the new digital retail and star flow to refresh young consumers interested in the brand.

From the commercial point of view, and affected by the shop inventory and store rent increases, Inditex in the first half of 2018 earnings growth slowed markedly, the core brand Zara sales contribution of the main performance for the year also increased by only 2.2% to 7 billion 910 million euros.

It is not hard to understand, the clothes sold well why Zara suddenly start cosmetics business.

(commissioning editor Li Fang and Che Kemeng)

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