Nursing care of sensitive muscle away this action

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Original title: nursing sensitive muscle away this action

A Cleansing Cream wash your face every day sooner or later each morning, with a mild Cleansing Cream, night cleaning efforts in some of the Cleansing Cream, sound is not very scientific facial cleansing? Reporters from the national science conference cum fourteen session of the cosmoderm Chinese dermatologist learned years, such as morning and evening with Cleansing Cream once every day, wash face mask, cream and so many depend too much on the familiar "scientific" skin care habits are misunderstanding. In addition, the expert reminds, nursing sensitive muscle, not frequent replacement of skin care products.

Three major mistakes

It hurt the skin barrier

"Daily care, do not use Cleansing Cream frequently use 2~3 times a week can be, if you have sensitive skin, should reduce the use without even." West China Hospital of Sichuan University professor Li Li said, excessive cleaning it will destroy the skin barrier, may appear a series of symptoms or skin diseases, such as edema, erythema, papules, itching, burning, tingling, tension etc..

Li Li explained that the so-called skin barrier, simply say that the skin surface of the "brick wall", "brick wall" on behalf of keratinocytes, "mortar" refers to the gap (including keratinocyte lipid ceramide, fatty acid, cholesterol), the "brick wall" and "mortar" make the surface of skin to form solid structure, limiting water flow in and out of the cell and between cells, without loss of moisture, make the skin maintain important barrier function. When frequent exfoliation, resulting in "brick structure is destroyed, the skin barrier will be damaged.

Some people in order to moisturizing mask, every day, some people even put three mask every day. In this regard, Li Li said, the Department of Dermatology doctors don't approve every day to mask the skin, the skin barrier can maintain moisture, make skin too much water may also stand, two or three days a mask deposited.

In addition, also should not be too dependent on cream. In general, the cream contains preservatives, surfactants, powder material, the skin itself is a kind of stimulation, may clog the pores; after using the cream, cleansing to clean, often also use cleansing oil, so a vicious spiral. Li Li said that the daily skin care, good cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen "trilogy" can be.

Sensitive skin care

Not frequent replacement of skin care products

Talking about sensitive muscle problems, we are generally concerned about Li Li, simple, sensitive skin is muscle on the environment, topical skin care products such as intolerance. Sensitive muscle to a great extent and excessive skin clean, may also be due to the use of exogenous drugs, as well as a small part belongs to congenital sensitive muscle. Li Li reminded, when you find the skin easy to hot, dry, itching, burning or previously can be used in skin care products have sensitive intolerance reactions, discontinue use Cleansing Cream cleaning products, wash with water, towel is appropriate.

Li Li said, according to the care of sensitive skin, do not recommend frequent replacement of skin care products, choose a safe, for their own is the best. Her weapon from cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen and other three aspects.

The first is clean.

Do not try to Cleansing Cream, if the oil can feel the skin 2~3 angel once, or only in the T area, stay 1~2 minutes; wash water cold water or warm water to wash the skin after no discomfort is preferred; disable deep cleaning or exfoliating products.

The second is moisturizing.

Skincare brand choice, do not have excessive pursuit of the so-called big brand, with a comfortable. Note that if a kind of skin care products, stop using after the skin feels uncomfortable, is "dependent", this is not true. Can not contain alcohol, flavor, preservatives medical skin care products, with the repair of skin barrier function products.

The last is a good sunscreen.

Severe inflammation are recommended when the umbrella, hats and other physical sunscreen measures after disease remission may be appropriate to use lightweight sunscreen, after use without the use of makeup remover and cleanser, wash water. (all media reporter Wang Jing correspondent Xiong Wenshuang, Hu Xianjun)

(commissioning editor Li Fang and Che Kemeng)

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