Good news! Wu Minxia has been pregnant mother to upgrade the queen of diving wedding scene review

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Recently, Diving Queen Wu Minxia revealed the news of pregnancy in volunteer activities, to share the happiness and joy become mothers. Wu Minxia and her boyfriend Zhang Xiaocheng in May last year, ending 8 years of courtship, October held a grand wedding in Shanghai, Kenneth Fok Guo Jingjing, Fu Yuanhui and other stars to witness the couple. In this year, her husband Zhang Xiaocheng also repeatedly expressed their wish to have two children as soon as possible, now reach a wish is a dream come true.

 Wu Minxia, Zhang Xiaocheng Shanghai Wedding: Shanghai night such as water, moon like a hook

In October 13, 2017, the "Diving Queen" Wu Minxia returned to his hometown of Shanghai, and her husband Zhang Xiaocheng held their second wedding.

In October 5th, Wu Minxia and Zhang Xiaocheng held a classical elegant Chinese wedding in Shaanxi Fuping. At that time, Wu Minxia is wearing a "Pixie" phoenix coronet and robes of rank, and "husband" Zhang Xiaocheng worship cup, the Association for the husband and wife by the first marriage. Today, Wu Minxia once again become domineering "Diving Queen", dressed in a white wedding dress, in the "underwater world" with Zhang Xiaocheng together to complete the dream wedding.

That evening, the official start of the wedding. Zhang Xiaocheng holding a bouquet, first appeared on the main stage.

Then, accompanied by the melodious music, Wu Minxia's hand holding a little girl slowly. The little girl at the age of 6 and was elected to the Shanghai sports school diving team Wu Minxia age, that is the starting point of Wu Minxia's brilliant diving career. Go to the second half, Wu father side into a 13 year old girl; and Wu Minxia at the age of 13, she joined the national diving team.

A short section of the road, but has gone through the most important moments of Wu Minxia's life. From the simple cute little girl, shook the stadium to athletes, to now marry, the scene not only conceal his father Wu also thinking, the guests moved to.

The Wu father in the handover ceremony area station, Zhang Xiaocheng also came from the stage, taking asked whether Wu Minxia is willing to become his wife. With Wu Minxia saying "I do", the handover area immediately and leave the curtain, wearing a white wedding dress Wu Minxia stunning debut.

The dream wedding dress by designer Wang Feng Wu Minxia built. Long veil waterfall from the top down, the extraordinary momentum; lace and veil skirt on the floral embroidery complement each other, let Wu Minxia like the beauty of partly hidden and partly visible in the forest elves.

In the blessing and witness of 400 guests, two newcomers to the stage, face to face each other. After the ring bearer send ring pillow, the new swap ring ceremony, the atmosphere reached its climax. The two people on the ring from the Darry Ring classic black and white diamond series.

The "Diving Queen" the wedding is naturally attracted the attention of the sports circle, "Wu Minxia's" friends all gathered in the field, Guo Jingjing, Fu Yuanhui and Qin Kai were dressed.

In addition, Deng Chao could not attend the wife of Sun Li, Shiou, Malone, Zhang Jike, Alyssa Chia couple, Wang Likun Jiang Chao and other friends specially for newcomers sent a blessing video.

It is particularly worth mentioning, as an important guests at the Wu Minxia mentor - former Olympic diving champion, the national diving team leader Zhou Jihong. Zhou Jihong worked at the Rio Olympics Wu Minxia won the women's synchronized 3 meter champion at the heartfelt praise: "Wu Minxia is a great athlete, I am proud of her!" Look at this with their own more than 10 years of "pride" will enter a new stage of life, Zhou Jihong is pleased to send my most sincere blessing.

Shanghai wedding to the blue color with the girl's pink, create a romantic "ocean wind"; and ancient Greek style collocation landscape design, people feel like being in the sea city of atlantis".

Marriage as Zhang Xiaocheng said: "the choice of a city, love a person, with his beloved people simply to live a plain life is true." Two people hand in hand, guard each other, each other warm, is in the world the most warm. We are privileged to witness their wedding two romantic happiness, wish them in the future can always sweet, and full.

(commissioning editor Li Fang and Dong Jing)

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